venerdì 13 agosto 2010

Last summer vol. 3: Stoccolma...the end!

Ed ecco qui l'ultima meta del nostro viaggio, la magnifica Stoccolma! Una città unica e meravigliosa, è unica anche nel cielo...infatti il cielo di Stoccolma è profondo e infinito!
Spero di tornarci presto, adesso vi lascio guardare un pò di foto:

Pizza Hut! <3

Stockholm's Ice Bar! :)

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  1. OOeeh nice the ice bar! <3


  2. good trip ^^
    i wanna visit ice bar, cos here japan, so hot hot days now :(

  3. Thank you so much for the comment! Your are so cute!
    How was the icebar?? I have always wanted to go there!

  4. thank you :-)
    i love your outfit, too!

  5. nice blog <3

  6. Thank you to all for the lovely comments! :)

    This icebar was in my hotel in Stockholm, it was a very good and funny experience even if there was a lot of ice...cold cold cold!bbbrrrrr! ;)

  7. the ice bar seems to be pretty cool =)
    i would love to visit stockholm. i´ve never been there before but it has to be such a nice city

  8. Hello! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!
    Dont speak Italian, but it's quite similar to my own language...
    So i read: Stockholm...Now would be the best time to be there, since fashion week is over there!!!!

  9. wow, stoccolma! l'ice bar dev'essere statao favoloso.. mi piacerebbe troppo andarci!

  10. Grazie a tutti per i commenti, Stoccolma è davvero fantastica la consiglio al 100%!
    Ed andare all'ice bar è davvero un'esperienza unica!

    Thanks to all for the comments! Stockholm is really fantastic!

  11. i love love love your clothes in the 3rd picture

  12. Devo visitare Stoccolma al più presto!
    Ti ringrazio per essere passata!

  13. I would eat that pizza right now! :)

  14. You should have also visited Finland :) Nice blog! Mi piace tanto!


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